Let Us Frame Your Artwork With Ours!

Aside from offering a unique piece of history from the MS Delta, reclaimed wood boasts a naturally weathered appearance and authentic patina that cannot be found elsewhere. The widely varying knot patterns, grain designs and colors, from rich, weathered grays to shades of orange and red, give each piece its own personality, elegance, and unique splendor.


Who We Are


The Mission...

  • being the standard in top-quality rustic picture frames

  • creating traditional and innovative modern designs in all our picture frames

  • maintaining the highest levels of workmanship in every product

  • being sustainable and environmentally friendly

  • making customer-service our highest priority

The Story...

Although my background is in Finance and Entrepreneurship, I did grow up around a good deal of art and frames, as well as, created some of the art.  (This has aided me greatly in deciding, piece by piece sometimes, what will look good on a customer's wall.)  

Several years ago I helped tear down a small shack on a friend's property built in the 1920's.  Upon wondering what I could do with some of the wood, I decided to build a few frames and was surprised at the response from others.

I design and assemble these frames to last a lifetime (or two).  As a consumer, I want to buy things that I know someone has cared about and that I know will last. As a designer, maker and strategist, I strive to create products that reflect how I see the world, my values and the way I want to fit into the big picture.

When I began this business, I made a commitment that I never wanted a customer opening a box and feeling that they received less than what they gave.  Plus, a well built and solid barn wood frame is truly a piece of art, as well as, its own piece of history!  I often find myself wondering about all the different hands that may have touched that piece of wood in the century or more that it was in a structure.

When I am not trying to fill all of your orders and come up with new ideas, I enjoy spending time outdoors and appreciating nature.  I often find inspiration in the beauty of it all.


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Don’t hesitate to contact us with any comments, questions, or special requests regarding a  custom order or our frames in general. We’re happy to help in every way we can.




We are always looking for the next piece of art!


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